Education Today felicitates STEM World School for exemplary contributions in the field of education at India's School Merit Awards 2016-17.

STEM World School has been ranked and awarded as the 2nd best International Day School in West Bengal by Education World India School Ranking 2016.

STEM World School has been awarded for the Best Infrastructure among top West Bengal schools by Brainfeed Excellence Award 2017.

STEM World School has been awarded as the Best Innovative and Emerging International School in West Bengal by Worldwide Achievers at Asia Education Summit and Awards 2017.

STEM Education



Great emphasis will be placed on learning science through practical activities and children will be encouraged to ask questions.



We will encourage the use of computers and multimedia in general learning as well as for specific skills.



Promoting engineering to young people as a viable career, enhancing their career prospects.



The focus of maths is the use of numbers, which includes mental calculations, problem solving and pattern finding.

Admission Forms for classes Play Group(+2)to class IX for session 2018-19 are  available from the school office from Mondays to Saturdays 

Near Barrackpore Wireless Gate, On Kalyani Expressway, Kolkata - 700121

Notice Board

Current Notice:
  • Notice to the Parents- "Story-telling and collaborative Poem writing" Read More
  • Notice to the Parents-Online Fee Payment Read More
  • Notice to the Parents-Food Carnival Read More
  • Notice to the Parents Read More
  • Unit Test 3(I-IV) & Unit Test 2(V-VIII) Time Table Read More
Notice to the Parents:
  • Pre- Diwali Fair & Scholastic Book Fair Read More
  • Notice to the parents Read More
  • Notice to the parents Read More
  • Transport Staff details Read More
  • Unit Test II & 1st Term Exam Timetable Read More
  • Notice to the parents: Teacher's Day Celebration Read More
  • Notice to the parents: Home Timing Schedule Read More
  • Notice to the parents: Blue Whale Read More
  • Notice to the students Read More
  • Notice to the parents Read More
  • The school will remain closed on 9.05.2017 and 10.05.2017 on account of Rabindra Jayanti and Buddha Purnima respectively. Read More
  • Remedial classes for classes VII & VIII will be held on 15.05.2017 from 9:30 A.M.-1:00 P.M. Read More
  • A Dental Camp will be organised at STEM World School auditorium on 13.05.2017(Saturday) from 8:00 A.M. onward. Read More
  • The First Parent Teachers' Meeting of this Academic session will be held on 13.05.2017(Saturday) for classes P.G-VIII. Read More
  • 10th International Mathematics Olympiad School Toppers Read More
  • Admission for session 2017-18 Read More

Birthdays of the week

  1. HIDAINTA DAS- L.N (A)(7.11.2013)
  2. ANANYA SINGH-L.N(A) (18.11.2013)
  3. KANJAN DUTTA-L.N(B) (17.11.2013)
  4. SAESHA HELA-L.N(B) (22.11.2013)
  5. ADRISH SAMADDER-L.N(C) (29.11.2013)
  6. OSHIK BISWAS-U.N(A) (29.11.2012)
  7. SAANVI DUTTA-U.N(A) (14.11.2012)
  8. SOURISH JASH-U.N(C) (21.11.2012)
  9. SOHAM BHOWMICK-U.N(B) ()21.11.2012)
  10. ADRIT ROY-K.G(A) (25.11.2011)
  11. ARTIJA SAHA-K.G(A) (6.11.2011)
  12. RAJARSHI DS-K.G(A) (17.11.2011)
  13. SUDDHASATTWA MONDAL-K.G(A) (10.11.2011)
  14. DIVVYANSHU SARKAR-K.G(C) (22.11.2011)
  15. CHIRONTAN SUR CL I(A) (11.11.2010)
  16. SAANVI SARKAR CL I(A) (3.11.2010)
  17. DARSHIKA YADAV CL I(B) (7.11.2011)
  18. DEB ROY CL I(B) (17.11.2010)
  19. KIARA GUHA CL I(B) (25.11.2010)
  20. MEGHADRI MUKHERJEE CL I(B) (22.11.2010)
  21. PARTHA BISWAS CL I(B) (25.11.2010)
  22. SRISTI SHAW CL I(B) (13.11.2010)
  23. AGNIDIPA MAJUMDER CL II(A) (20.11.2010)
  24. ANUSH BISWAS CL II(A) (30.11.2009)
  25. EKORNA BASAK CL II(A) (16.11.2007)
  26. KAUSAL MONDAL CL II(A) (20.11.2009)
  27. SOHINI GHOSH CL II(A) (26.11.2007)
  28. ISHAN ROY CLII(B) (17.11.2009)
  29. NILAB TIWARI CL II(B) (11.11.2009)
  30. RISHI LAL SINGH CLIII(17.11.2008)
  31. AADIT VERMA CL IV(7.11.2008)
  32. ALEX NAIK BISWAS CL IV(21.11.2007)
  33. SOUMABHA BARIK CL IV(8.11.2007)
  34. NIKITA CL IV(27.11.2008)
  35. ESHIKA SAHA CL V(23.11.2006)
  36. SHRABANA GHOSH CL VI (20.11.2005)
  37. INDRANI BISWAS CL VIII(18.11.2005)
  38. ISHANI BISWAS CL VII (18.11.2005)

SWS Congratulates all the winners


Rakhi Making Competition Result



Aryabhata House

Name        Position    Class
Rick Ghosh    First  VI
Ankita Biswas  Second    VI
Ishani Biswas Third   V


Bhabha House

Name        Position    Class
Shawani Bhadra &  Aishi Chowdhury     First  V &  VI
Ayshi Saha   Second     V
Shrabana Ghosh Third   VI


Ramanujan House

Name        Position  Class
Arin Das     First    VIII
Aadit Verma     Second IV
Nyasa Saha & Sushnata Biswas Third VII & IV


Vivekananda House

Name        Position Class
Saoni Bose &  Indrani Biswas     First  IV & VII
Jigyasha Dugar      Second   VII
Eshika Saha       Third    V


  Show And Tell Competition winners 


Name Position Class
Dhriti Sarkar 1st P.G
Sanav Paul 2nd P.G
Ashmit Das 3rd P.G
Adveek Sarkar 1st L.N(A)
Tanisha Ray 2nd L.N(A)
Shubhechchha Saha 3rd L.N(A)
Adrut Gupta & Aaryav Paul 1st L.N(B)
Sanrag Ghosh & Urjit Mukhopadhyay 2nd L.N(B)
Kanjan Dutta & Srijeeta Tiwari 3rd L.N(B)
Ayushman Das 1st L.N (  C)
Arpita Singh 2nd L.N (  C)
Adrij Majumder, Intaj Ali & Samprikta Jana 3rd L.N (  C)
Aakansha Subhra Muniam 1st U.N(A)
Ayushi Debnath 2nd U.N(A)
Abhiraj Halder 3rd U.N(A)
Drishana Adhikary 1st U.N(B)
Aaradhya Chakraborty 2nd U.N(B)
Shreya Mondal 3rd U.N(B)
Ayantika Bhattacharjee 1st U.N(  C)
Parijat Dey 2nd U.N(  C)
Tanishka Majumder 3rd U.N(  C)
Arjita Sinha 1st K.G(A)
Adrit Roy 2nd K.G(A)
Avilash Das 3rd K.G(A)
Shreyami Ghosh & Ivy Mandal 1st K.G(B)
Tanish Dey & Sahib Das 2nd K.G(B)
Debanjali Majumdar 3rd K.G(B)
Srishti Bagchi 1st K.G( c )
arth Bhardwaj 2nd K.G( c )
Agnideepto Ds 3rd K.G( c )
Anisha Roy Chowdhury & Tanishka Das 1st I(A)
Geetansha Dugar 2nd I(A)
Sanvi Sarkar 3rd I(A)
Soham Sinha 1st I(B)
Ahana Paul & Sneha Hira 2nd I(B)
Anushka Ghosh, Kritika Kumari & Pritisha Roy 3rd I(B)
Delisha Saha 1st II(A)
Pragyan Chanda 2nd II(A)
Mrigakshi Das 3rd II(A)
Nibedita Haldar 1st II(B)
Arushi Banerjee 2nd II(B)

Anisha Khatun & Kritika Ghosh


3rd II(B)


Inter House Poem Making Competition



Name     Class    Position  House
Ankita Biswas  VII 1st Aryabhata
Sankhadeep Sengupta   VIII   2nd   Ramanujan
Kishaloy Roy  V 3rd Vivekananda

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