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Dear Parents of STEM World School

Dear Parents of STEM World School,
Greetings from SWS family!
As we have stepped into our new academic session, I would like to thank all our
parents heartily for their cooperation and continuous support. Activity oriented child-
centric teaching and learning process has always been the prime objective of STEM
World School,
Our School will celebrate Earth Day for classes I-IX On 20.04.2018(Friday) to enhance
the awareness among students about environment safety as well as to
demonstrate the environmental protection measures to be undertaken to make
the world a better place. The activity schedule for the day will be as follows:
• Sapling Plantation Activity.
• Earth Day Badge making Activity.
• Audio-visual presentation on the importance of Earth Day.
• Collective Pledge on Earth Day by all SWS students and staff.
We understand the importance of formation and cultivation of thoughtful practices among
our children. In order to sensitize our young generation towards cleanliness of
our environment, SWS will initiate a regular Cleanliness Drive Activity for all the students
of classes I-V from 2304.2018 onwards.
Looking forward to your encouragement and support in this noble endeavour.

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