Pre Primary

Pre-primary curriculum

The curriculum has a healthy mix of formal and non-formal education which enhances an all round development and growth of the child. While teaching the children the 3 R’s- reading, writing and arithmetic, they will also be encouraged to participate in various group activities. This will help them interact and build relationships at various levels.

At the pre-primary stage the children are extremely vulnerable and sensitive, and therefore to ensure the physical,emotional and mental growth of the children , they will be exposed to bonding activites like eurhythmics,art,craft,games,sports and celebration of all festivals.


Primary curriculum

At this level the children will be encouraged to become aware of their world , to learn and develop basic concepts of Language, Mathematics , hindi , Bengali , Science , History & Geography (III onwards) and to recognize the interaction and interdependence between different subjects. Art,Craft,Music,Dance,Physical Education and Yoga will be a Part of the Curriculum and will help to develop creativity ,logical thinking, aesthetic sense , positive attitude and physical fitness.


Additional Highlights

1:15 teacher student ratio in all the Pre-primary classes
1:30 teacher student ratio from class-I onwards
"STEM activities" from Lower Nursery(3+) onwards
Weekly STEM laboratory session from class-I(6+) onwards
No homework burden from Play Group(2+) to class-II(7+)
Remedial classes from class-III onwards for students requiring additional help

Inclusion Policy


At SWS we believe that every child has a right to access quality education and we embrace the differences and challenges that each child brings. We strive towards creating a vibrant centre for learning which provides a congenial atmosphere for students to excel individually and develop into ethically strong and morally elevated individuals.

Special Educational Needs(SEN) are needs that are different from those of the majority of students. They include those who need additional support or challenge in their learning. Our Special Educator works closely with our teachers to identify SEN students and create tailor made learning and behaviour plans to meet their individual needs.

Parents work hand in hand with our teachers and the Special Educator by providing all relevant information regarding the child and by supporting their child when needed.

At SWS we actively seek to remove the barriers to learning and participation that can hinder or exclude individual pupils or groups of pupils. We believe in providing equal opportunity of learning to all our students

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