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Welcome to STEM WORLD SCHOOL The 1st STEM school in West Bengal

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics—STEM, and therefore, STEM education — is the process of teaching that integrates these four disciplines to promote real-world experience, teamwork, and the authentic application of technology. Additionally, it also promotes discovery, problem-based learning, and project-based learning.

The STEM World School is a co-educational English-medium K-12 school, following a progressive child-centered education pattern. The school has state of the art facilities, including air-conditioned classrooms, doorstep pickups and a STEM based curriculum.

Letting students explore ideas in science and watching them learn is truly a delight. It is inspiring to watch a student work through a science investigation, seeing their eyes light up, the smile broaden across their face, and the explosion of energy as they rush to explain to someone what they have just discovered.

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STEM Education

Our Infrastructure

Every classroom at our school is air-conditioned, spacious, bright, ventilated and well furnished. Classrooms provide our students with a conducive environment for learning. Classrooms have ample of space for students to enjoy and utilize the knowledge that they have attained everyday.

Airconditioned Classrooms

STEM World School has an adequate sized playground for all recreational activities of the children.

Large Playground

A fleet of SWS school buses make up the school transport system. The school has an extensive network of routes on which school vehicles ply, providing safe and comfortable travel to the students.

Bus Service

STEM World School has a well equipped computer laboratory. The computers in the lab are constantly upgraded with appropriate software to enable students to compile and run programs at various levels.

Computer Lab

Start Learning New Things

Stem World School enhances the inclusion of new and trending learning methods into their curriculum. Our teachers always prefer to implement methodical learning techniques so that the students’ critical thinking skills can be developed. We emphasize on brain-exercise session, brainstorming session, along with sufficient amount of physical activities for the sheer development of overall skills of a budding genius.
Rather than lecture and home task oriented education, we prefer an interactive classroom atmosphere based on group-projects, field works and problem based learning methods. Keeping a fact in count that 21 st century education system is being highly affected by technology-based learning skills. We want our students to always stay ahead of the competition in this digital era. Affiliation with Stem World School opens up the door to embrace all these new opportunities for the students.

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Current Events

07 Feb

10.00.00 A.M.

Brown Day Celebration
02 Feb

10.00.00 A.M.

Bloom and Blossom Day
30 Jan

01.00.00 P.M.

A Career Talk - Episode 2
22 Jan

10.00.00 A.M.

Netaji Jayanti Celebration
20 Jan

10.00.00 A.M.

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