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The SOF National Science Olympiad, which was held at STEM World School aimed at giving students the opportunity to gain a better knowledge of how and why things function. The competitive examination was organised on December 01, 2022 for classes I to X and it comprised the Logical Reasoning section, Science section and the Achievers section. Total 88 students of STEM World School appeared for the exam. The objective of the competition was to provide participating candidates with an exposure to the competitive world to hone their learning skills on national or international levels. Such exams play an important role in evaluating students’ performance with their peers across the country. It builds self confidence and motivates them to promote concept based learning and logical thinking. The winner gets various rewards and medals at each stage of the Olympiad exams. Teachers of STEM World School facilitated the smooth organization and execution of this event. Summing up, the competition helped the children to familiarize with science and allows students an extra edge to learn topics taught in class as well as promotes self learning.
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