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MERE MENTOR is a career guidance company that has been in the counselling domain for over a decade and counting Founded with a vision to engrave youths' career journeys and to mould them for a better tomorrow, the successful and energetic team has conducted career counselling events and skill enhancement training programs in more than 200 schools and for over ten lakhs students. MERE MENTOR is the first-ever company in India to initiate Al and ML game-based psychometric assessments. With our career mantra Pathway To Your Passions, we focus on bridging the gap between SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE AND OPPORTUNITIES. SKILLS, PERSONALITY AND PROFESSION. CAREER COUNSELLING Career counselling is a systematic process that helps Individuals understand themselves better and make them choose the appropriate career path that aligns with their skills and abilities. It is the process of helping students to analyse their strengths, weaknesses, values, capacities, and personalities. It also enhances their self-confidence, self-awareness, self-esteem, self-management, self-realisation, self-discovery, it is designed to assist an individual's career-related doubts, queries and concerns and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to help them climb the career ladder with utmost assurance. Mere Mentor follows a unique process flow to help students with their career-related concerns. Group Orientation and awareness 5-dimensional Psychometric Assessment In-depth career report One-to-One/Group career counselling by certified career counsellors Credible and reliable Action Plan Expert Connections Tele Support BENEFITS OF CAREER COUNSELLING Understand the relationship between their education and career goals. Develop strategies for achieving their goals. Navigate the job market. Managing care transitions. Mentoring on how to explore careers of interest. Build a satisfying and successful career. OUTCOME OF CAREER COUNSELLING Helps bring out the best in the students based on their ability interest and passion. It studies students’ self-doubts and braces them with the appropriate assessments for their self-realisation of interest. Helps the students with feedback on their assessments and guides them correspondingly -Helps groom the vital skills required in the demanding fields right from schooling. Career counselling helps students in deciding: Where to study? What to do next? How to bring it into action? Provides clarity to both the students and the parents regarding the availability of diverse options. Helps students work towards their specific goals without distractions or confusion. Helps students realise the strengths and weaknesses gives information about the opportunities and cautions them about the threats and consequences. Gives information regarding the availability of scholarships and other benefits for the students to pursue their dream stream and course. The details of the procedure of conducting a career mapping programme were – 1st Activity – Orientation on 10th December, 2022 2nd Activity – Taking assessment on 19th December,2022 3rd Activity – Group counselling session separately for both groups on 20th December, 2022 4th Activity – Action plan explanation for Group – 2 on 22nd December, 2022
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