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Get - Set - Go and achieve your goals. Whenever we say Get - Set - Go, it definitely reminds us of some sports and also evokes the feeling of heading towards some fun-filled activity. Children are also very much fond of games and sports. In our daily lives, we all are busy in performing all of our scheduled duties which sometimes becomes monotonous. Games and sports are such joyful activities that not only shares good time and good memory with us, but also make us feel energetic. At any age, we can get engaged with games and sports and feel like ' Yes, I can do it '. These activities also involve a great mental spirit. Hence, it is very much important to let sports and games peep into our lives to make it healthy and interesting. The little champs of Pre-Primary of STEM World School are, that is why, here to celebrate Get - Set - Go week through different activities. Let's give them a round of applause.
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