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Happy Earth makes us happy too. I am mother Earth, the most beautiful planet of the Solar system. And, even, till now, I am the only one planet which nourishes life on it. All the creatures on me, are my children. I have had been providing you just not with life, but shelter too. I love you so much. But it is very disheartening when I realise that my children, the humans, are not respecting me at all; rather they are busy hurting me in ways which any rational creature would not imagine doing such. They are polluting the atmosphere, my soil, my water...... everything. Don't you feel my pain, my child !? I, mother Earth, always adore you and tries to give the best of my wealth. I request you, please don't destroy me, avoid pollution. Stretch your hand full of love and care, and make me healthy, lively again so that I can nourish life on me for more thousand years. I , mother Earth, feel pleased to see the little saplings of Pre-Primary of STEM World School are taking care of me and spreading awareness through different activities. Let's appreciate them.
Fee Mcb
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