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Everywhere green, makes the environment clean

Green is a colour that symbolises freshness and youth. This soothing colour is also associated with wisdom. Even to talk about trees and plants, we often mention the word 'greenery'. This colour green is itself a significant one, for which it is used in traffic signal also symbolising the meaning 'go ahead'. Green is a mix of yellow and blue, portraying life, fertility and renewal. It also evokes a feeling of refreshment and peace, rest and security. In our daily life, when we feel exhausted due to work pressure, our eyes feel good if we look at the green. Hence it can be said that the colour green has its own soothing effect that gives comfort to our eyes and mind. It really makes us pleased to see the little bunches of breeze of Pre-Primary of STEM World School are spreading freshness of the colour green through their happy and enthusiastic activities.
Fee Mcb
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