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Etiquette helps us to learn good manners. Etiquette - the word simply means good manners, as well as, good behaviour. It teaches us how to behave and appear in public. A person with good etiquettes is considered as a sophisticated well - mannered person who gathers appreciation from all. Hence, it is important to learn etiquettes from an early age so that it becomes a habit. Etiquette can be learnt in simple ways with some simple words or phrases, such as - 'Thank you' , 'Welcome' , 'Sorry' , 'Please' and 'Excuse me'. Whenever we inculcate these basic etiquettes in children it is flourished inside their mind and heart, and make them well - mannered children that is carried forward when they become adults. Not only for children, but for all of us it is very much useful and necessary to learn etiquettes, because behaviour portrays the character of a person. That is why we feel pleased to see the little wonders of Pre-Primary of STEM World School are so eager to acquire good etiquettes and also teaching others with their enthusiastic activities. Let's give them a round of applause.
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