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Mother is the best gift of God a child can ever have. The lady who loves her children more than her life - is a mother. She always thinks for the comfort and need of her children before thinking of her own. A mother is such an extraordinary person who never gets tired of performing her duties. Her love for her offsprings is incomparable. She is the one who can fight with the whole world for the sake of her baby, even with God. Mother's love is always like a blessing for us. A MOTHER is always - Magnificent Outstanding Tender Honourable Extraordinary Remarkable. Though it is true that her contributions for her children always remains unnoticed, but without her nothing is possible. She always stands beside her kids. The sacrifices she makes are beyond words. The love of a mother is unmeasurable; even if she scolds her child, care is hidden in that. In true sense, mother's love, care, efforts, sacrifices - can never be expressed in countable words. It is so vast that only the child's feelings can measure it. It is indeed very heart touching to see our kids caring for their mothers. The little angels of Pre-Primary of STEM World School are expressing their love for their mothers through different activities. They deserve lots of love and appreciation.
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