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Guru Purnima Celebration As said by Joyce Meyer regarding teachers who "can change lives with the right mix of chalk and challenges", the role of teachers in a student's life, and subsequently to the greater interest of the formation of society, is immense. Indeed, teachers are often believed to be one of the incarnations of Guru, and by keeping that belief in mind, STEM World School observed a well-decorated Guru Purnima Celebration at the school premises on 3rd July, 2023. A vibrantly well-crafted speech by one of our students regarding the importance of Guru Purnima set the tone of the programme. It was then followed by the enthusiastic chanting of "Guru Shloka" by the students in order to create a fitting symphony to the vibes of the programme. Surely, the fascinatingly energetic engagement of the students was a very refreshing sight. The programme got concluded with the Tilak Ceremony and Feet touching of teachers by the students. The effort of the students to put up such a well-decorated programme was definitely praiseworthy. It, indeed, echoed Colleen Wilcox's thought of teaching to be "the greatest act of optimism", and with it, the seeds of the build up for a better society got planted.
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