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STEM World School hosted its Inter House Table Tennis Competition for participants from class 6 to 11, on 14 July, 2023. We here at STEM World School recognise how sports helps to develop mental growth and increases the power of reasoning of students. Being actively involved in sports, can help students relax from their daily routine of learning syllabus and it reduces exam stress. One needs to keep a balance between work and play, to keep the body and soul in synchronization. The choice of Table Tennis was made obvious not only due to the harsh and humid weather making many outdoor sports difficult, but also for its great versatility. Renowned physician, psychiatrist and brain imaging expert, Dr. Daniel Amen, calls table tennis “the world’s best brain sport” because it is highly aerobic, uses both the upper and lower body, and is great for eye hand coordination and reflexes. This was put in display as our students put there agility, stamina and skill at the table to become the Inter House Champion. The school would like to congratulate every student who came forward and participated showing that it is not just academics that they come to school for but to learn to become an all rounder member of society . We would also like to congratulate Ramanujan House (Green House) for their outstanding performance, to become the winner of the Inter House Table Tennis Competition. Such inter house competitions create something for the students to look forward to develop healthy rivalries and provide a platform for them to show the non-academic skills.
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