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International Tiger Day

Don't strip the stripes from the scenery. Save the tigers. Tiger is one of the rarest combinations of nature that is as much beautiful as frightening. Tigers also play an important role as a predator in the food chain to balance the eco - system. It is very much necessary to protect the tigers from extinction. Because of this, to circulate awareness, International Tiger Day is celebrated on 29th July. But nowadays, due to deforestation and indiscriminate hunting the numbers of the tigers are decreasing day by day. And this not only causes a bad impact on eco - system but also the existence of a beautiful creature is going to be history that is not good for mankind, too. Wild animals are the wealth of natural possessions of a country. Moreover, tiger is the national animal of India. Hence, to save our tigers we must stop careless deforestation so that these animals can get a secured habitat as well as enough food supply for survival. So, let us be united to save the tigers. We, also, whole heartedly wish to thank the little saviours of Pre - Primary of STEM World School who are spreading awareness to save the tigers through different creativities. Let's appreciate them.
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