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Etiquettes Week

Learning good etiquette is a trick to win hearts. 'Thank you', 'welcome' , 'sorry' , 'please' , 'excuse me' - these words are called magical words. But do you know why are they called 'magical words' ? Because these words stand for polite and good behaviour, that tends to win people's heart. So, whenever we speak including these words, it shows a sense of good manners and ethics. This is simply named as Etiquettes. Etiquettes are those behavioural practices that develop one's personality. It not only helps to build up a good moral character, but also makes people happy and wins their favour. It is also important to learn good etiquettes to establish one's personality traits in the domain of careerist progress. When a child learn it from young age, it becomes his / her regular habit and that is very good to develop. Hence, it is very pleasing to see the little wonders of Pre-Primary of STEM World School are learning etiquettes in a new and different way. Let's appreciate them and enjoy the shots.
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