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Investiture Ceremony

“Leaders are not born, they are made.” We at STEM World School are happy to announce that with the onset of the 2023-2024 session, we have finally been able to shake off all the negativity, left behind by the pandemic, and go forward in both academic and non - academic ventures. One of the biggest events that signifies this is the Investiture Ceremony of the Prefects. The Investiture Ceremony is not just about providing titles but about conferring responsibility to the students to take charge of the school and take it to new heights with their leadership quality, prompt action, initiative and discipline. The Investiture Ceremony of STEM World school took place with much grandeur and dignity on 1st August 2023. The student council members so selected for their service for the term of 2023-24 are :- • Aditya Sarkar of class XI Science elected as the School Captain. • Jayati Mahanty of class XI Science elected as the School Vice Captain. • Barshon Mukherjee of class XI science elected as the House Captain of Aryabhata House. • Shawani Bhadra of class XI Commerce elected as the House Captain of Bhabha House. • Protistha Chakraborty of XI Humanities elected as the House Captain of Ramanujan House. • Kishaloy Roy of class XI Science elected as the House Captain of Vivekananda House. The elected Prefects of Aryabhata House are :- • Ankush Som of 9B • Pralipta Pritam Sethy of 10A • Rajonya Mandal of 9B The elected Prefects of Bhabha House are:- • Aagnik Biswas of 10A • Sarasi Bhattacharjee of 10A • Swapnil Halder of 9B The elected Prefects of Ramanujan House are:- • Sushnata Biswas of 10A • Shreya Ghosh of 9A • Rishi Lal Singh of 9A The elected Prefects of Vivekananda House are:- • Shangrila Jaiswal of 9A • Moupriya Mandal of 9A • Soham Roy of 9A The elected ‘Skippers’- a term coined by our school for the upcoming leaders of tomorrow, are : Aakansha Subramunian of 5B - Aryabhata House Drisana Adhikary of 5A - Bhabha House Sohin Sur of 5A - Ramanujan House Rajanya Majumder of 5C - Vivekananda House These titles provided to our students reflect upon the trust that the school has on them to perform as leaders and role models to their fellow students. Today’s flag bearers will be the torch bearers of tomorrow.
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