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Clubs at school enhance learning through interaction and discussion. Every activity carried out by the club will encourage students to cultivate a different perception of life. Students get an opportunity to showcase and groom their talents. Club Activities conducted in schools not only benefit in shaping their interests and hobbies but also develop their leadership and social skills. The aim of STEM World School is to offer holistic education by balancing academics with extracurricular activities. Our syllabus is planned to make learning less stressful for the students without compromising quality. That’s why our school has introduced various clubs that cater to a diverse group of interests and provide s variety of benefits to the participants. We believe in the importance of club activities for students because it provides them with a constructive direction to channel their energies, provide them with additional skills, create a positive mode of recreation and provide them with useful hobbies. We have started as many as Eight clubs that were chosen not only based on their benefits but also with students’ interest in mind. The various Club activities available are as follows: 1. Drama and Public Speaking club aims at creating an alternative world to the otherwise monotonous schedule of a student's life. In this club, students are prepared for dramas, extempore, JAM and role- playing in order to sharpen their speaking skill and prepare them for events such as Independence Day. 2. Science clubs integrate into students the scientific thinking process and it also helps to develop a scientific and rational attitude. Our Science club aims at developing habits of exploration and encourage interests in Science hobbies. Science clubs play an important role to integrate better understanding of earth, nature and diversity of information sources. 3. The Chess club brings people together and teaches us how to win and lose while helping children realize the consequences of their actions. It helps create focus and creativity in problem solving skills and builds up confidence. The SWS chess club aims to not just teach our students about the various aspects of the game but to also train with different openings that are internationally recognised and develop upon them as a way to get their creative thinking ahead while training their brains. 4. Non Fire Cooking Club aims at teaching a very basic skill to the students in the form of cooking without any complicated methods or tools. This club enables them to use simple methods and ingredients to learn a very important skill of survival and gives them a feeling of empowerment upon gaining it. This clubs aim to teach the students the simplest and safest form of the most essential daily living skill. 5. Japanese Language Club a foreign language that has garnered worldwide sensation lately, and thus, learning Japanese as a foreign language has been in high demand. It is noteworthy how the students are showing eagerness to learn the Japanese language and its culture by learning how to read, write and speak the language as well as the various nuances and behavioral alterations that make it whole. 6. The Dance Club using the cultural form can provide exposure in a noteworthy way. It basically allows any sensitive soul to free up both physically and psychologically, alongside getting grooved to beats and rhythms. It frees up stress and provides a great artistic manner of exercise that keeps the body fit and provides a creative way to express their minds. 7. The Music Club has its significance by exposing a sympathetic soul in an altogether different zone. It basically allows any sensitive soul to free up both physically and psychologically, alongside getting buoyed by tunes and rhythms. The club helps students convey their emotions through song and music while giving them a platform to display their talents and nurture their skills. 8. The Art Club lovingly called the STEM Artisans Guild uses Art’s unique way to touch any sensitive soul. Here in this club, various art and craft works like imagery art, knitting work, sculptural art is being practiced and provide the children with a creative outlet for various ideas and also. These various clubs provide a great source of recreation and a creative outlet to the students energy it also acts as a training ground for various skills and vocational arts that remain useful throughout their life. It provides our beloved students a way to expend their energies and learn skills that would help them throughout life.
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