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Unity In Diversity

There is a well known saying 'United we stand, devided we fall'. It means that Unity is very much important for progress. Though it is a rare scenario where unity shines itself amidst of many kinds of diversity. India is a country where all kinds of people irrespective of caste, creed, religion and language, can live together happily. We also have many varieties in our food habits, attire, beliefs, livelihood and tradition. Beautiful variety of geographical diversity is also seen in this country. Despite of so many differentiations we all Indians stay together unitedly. We participate and celebrate various religious festivals together. We share the food habits and attires of other cultures, too. It not only makes us happy but also gives a feeling of togetherness. That is why India is also known as an emblem of 'UNITY IN DIVERSITY'. In this year, 2023 the little starlings of STEM World School of Pre-Primary are presenting the concept of 'Unity in Diversity' in a very joyful and enthusiastic way. Let's thank them with a round of applause.
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