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Pink Day Celebration

Pink is the colour that stands for love and kindness. It is a beautiful colour that often associates itself with the fantasy world of children. Even in nature also we can find this beautiful colour because it is one of the colours that the Sun makes at twilight and in the dawn. Sometimes, pink also represents softness. This colour is a mixture of red and white. Children are often fond of this lovely colour. Mother Nature also displays a distinguishing variety of this colour through her fruits and flowers. Fruits like dragon fruit, raspberry, java apple are pink in colour and also consist nutrition. A wide range of pink flowers like dahlia, carnation, rose, tulips, dianthus, peony, chrysanthemum, begonia attracts attention. Plants like mosaic plant, dragon tree, polka dot plant surprisingly hold pink colour in their leaves. This beautiful colour always cherishes our hearts. Our blooming buds of Pre-Primary of STEM World School are, hence, very excited to celebrate Pink Day in a joyful manner. Let's encourage them & enjoy the shots.
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