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Workshop by Linc

“The pen is mightier than the sword” This indicates that the power of writing is infinite, while the power of the sword is temporary. Using a pen can help a student to focus and concentrate on her / his writing because it requires a lot of attention. It increases the sense of responsibility and risk taking ability and teach the students to be very mindful of their thoughts and actions, knowing that they cannot reverse or erase their writing. For every student, this is a monumental step in growing up as learners, thinkers and doers. On 24th August, 2023 STEM World School had Mr Biki Shaw and Mr Rohan Deyfrom the Linc Pentonic team who organised a workshop to celebrate this very instrumental / special transition in a student’s life. They made the students realize the importance of being focused while writing and also encouraged them to use pens confidently. The students were awarded with a special certificate and a pen at the end of the workshop which motivated them in a great way.
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