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100% Attendance

“Education is not the preparation for life, education is life itself” - John Dewey. This message has been understood best by Sandipta Pal currently of class 4B and Adrita Das currently of class 5B. With unshakable grit and determination these two girls achieved 100% attendance in the previous session of schooling. Sadly most students, having spent so much time studying from home due to the recent pandemic, cannot seem to return and accept the structured disciplinary methods of schooling. They remain sunk in their carefree lives surrounded by gadgets and social networking. These two students, supported by their parents unwavering resolve and understanding of the importance of schooling, keeping up a healthy life were able to make the journey to the school every single day. We are overjoyed to have nurtured such a feeling of love for their school within them that despite all hurdles they were always present and eager to participate in their schooling. Which the introduction of the certificate of appreciation for 100% attendance, the school would like to urge all the guardians to make note of the resolve shown by these students and attempt to repeat this feat on a much larger scale for the ongoing session. In doing so our students will be able to lead the best and most productive school life possible. A life similar to the great legendary figures of our history who studied under the Gurukul system and used to live with their masters, to whom school was their one and only home and the center of their focus.
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