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Raksha Bandhan Celebration

Raksha Bandhan, a wonderful day that celebrates a pious bond. This wonderful event was further populrised amongst Bengalis by the efforts of our revered Kaviguru, Rabindranath Tagore who used it as a method to ruin the British Rajs’ real intentions behind the Partition of Bengal and promote friendship and unity. Bengal was at its peak of nationalist movement at the dawn of 19th century, which eventually emerged as a formidable threat to the British Raj. To curb this nationalist movement, the British decided to divide Bengal, a move vehemently opposed by various leaders of the time, including Rabindranath Tagore. At a time when the country is witnessing a surge in religious intolerance, an instance from the narrative of history serves as a timely reminder of religious harmony. As we celebrate Raksha Bandhan this year, it’s interesting to take cognizance of how more than a century ago, the concept and sentiment behind the festival was used to unite two communities, Hindus and Muslims. Remembering all the mythology, history and enriched glorified culture of our country. The students of STEM World School celebrated the auspicious ceremony of Rakhi with immense pride, joy and regards. Filled with enthusiasm they made their own rakhis during their art classes and beautifully packed them to present to their “Rakshak”. On the day of celebration a speech was given by the teachers on the historical and cultural importance as well as the nationalistic back story behind the celebration, before commencing the celebration itself. It was a wonderful sight watching their wonderfully decorated rakhis made as a show of love and care for their protectors before tying them to their hands. It seemed as if hundreds of flowers bloomed in our school making for a mesmerizing memory that we will nurture in our hearts. This celebration is not just about the bond between brothers and sisters but as the name indicates it honours the many protectors that we come across in life, who make sure that we can live well and grow strong enough to reach our true potential and the bond that is created between us out of that love and caring. It commemorates the solemn promise made by those able to protect and nurture those weaker than them.
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