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Self Awareness Programme By Collins Learning

Stronger mental health for students means they can learn better and be more likely to realize the full potential of their abilities. Knowing this we had STEM World School partnered with the Collins Learning team from Harper Collins to host a workshop on the features and benefits of self awareness that would increase the awareness of students about signs of emotional imbalance, methods of handling such problems and constructive and positive outlets for accumulated stress.To host this workshop we were honoured by the presence of Mrs. Nivedita Bhattacharjee, whose journey is marked by many milestones, some of which are: • Persona (Career & Lifestyle Skills) Chief Consultant / Partner • St Xavier’s School former consultant(Oral Communication) • Delhi Public School, Megacity Consultant(Speech & Drama) • Goethe Institut, Dusseldorf Mittlestufe 1 Germany • University of West London Speech & Drama Grade 8 (distinction) • University of West London Oral Communication Grade 8(distinction) Her long years of experience was made vividly apparent by her friendly and relatable approach that made sure that the program not only was successful but quite interesting to the students who were eager to learn more from her. The Interactive session visually aided by a presentation explained the Five Pillars of Self Awareness, the importance and effectiveness of Emotional Intelligence in daily lives, the fundamental concept of Core Self Evaluation, the importance of Morals,Ethics and Values towards a better future, how the student’s learning style and Specialized Evaluation methods may impact their level of understanding, and Finally how theirAttitude towardsChange and weather they can accept and embrace positive change will help them become better versions of ourselves. She further explain how emotional intelligence can help them motivate others manage their emotions and manage their relationships in the best possible manner before concluding the students workshop. After the students session was over and they were sent home the teachers were also enlightened using various examples of interactions between teachers and students to help them understand themselves as not only educators but also has people, recognise any and all issues that may occur within a classroom interaction and how best to approach various kinds of students as well as how to pool their experience and resources to ensure that the student-teacher interaction can be most fruitful. She also emphasized the importance of not just constructive criticism but also self acceptance that as humans mistakes are a part of our life and should be treated as a lesson to learn from and to teach others. Special emphasis is also given on how stress release is very important to remain as a fully functional and positively contributing member of society.Finally the many common malpractices seen in society, often time supported by Miss information or misogyny that may cause and negative impact not only in our lives but of those who interact with us along side these suggestions were given on how to recognize these problems and how to go about resolving them. The workshop was a massive success with the large number of students deeply touched by what was being taught and extremely interested in continuing to learn more of the same. The teachers to found the session to be extremely enriching and look forward to applying the many useful suggestions into the daily interactions with the students. Students who receive the support they need from their families, schools, and other social circles tend to be eager and excited to participate in social events and extracurricular activities. They may have a greater interest in their studies, retain information more effectively, and progress steadily toward graduation as they grow socially, emotionally, and academically. We at STEM World School believe that this was an effective step in not only preparing the students to move forward in a positive way but also to prepare the teachers to better guide them towards the same.
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