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Teacher's Day Celebration 3 - 5

A teacher’s contribution to society and a country can hardly be summed up in words. They are the epitome of dedication and always think about the growth and welfare of their students. Teacher’s Day, celebrated on the 5th of September in India, is a tribute to the immense contribution of teachers in shaping young minds and the nation’s future. This day is marked to honour the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a philosopher, statesman, and a respected teacher himself, who believed in the power of education. Teacher’s Day is a special occasion celebrated in schools worldwide to honour and appreciate teachers. It is a day filled with joy, respect, and gratitude. In our school, we have celebrated Teachers Day for two days with extreme joy and fun. On 4th, September the students of STEM World School from classes 3-5 organised a pre-teachers day celebration where the students celebrated the day like a festival. The children wore colour dresses and the routine classes were suspended. The day was celebrated with much enthusiasm and joy by the students followed up by different dance programs, song performances, instrumental performance along with the speech about the significance of the Teacher’s Day. Students left no stone unturned in expressing their love and respect towards the teachers. Teacher’s Day celebration is a memorable day in school. It strengthens the bond between teachers and students, making it a celebration to cherish.
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