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Teacher's Day Celebration 6 - 11

It is often said that "teachers plant the seeds of knowledge that grow forever", and keeping this in mind, the contribution of teachers in the process of nation building deserves to be acknowledged. This year STEM World School celebrated the day with lots of zeal and vigour. A vivaciously enthralling cultural programme was staged at our auditorium by the students of class 9 to 11 to mark the day as a special and memorable one for all the teachers. At first, all the teachers received a grand welcome at the auditorium through “Tilak Ceremony”. It was followed by “Gifts Distribution” to the teachers as a token of love and respect from the students. The cultural programme had a wonderful beginning with a refreshingly charming welcome speech by one of our students to provide adequate information regarding the significance of the day. The staging of a varied range of well-crafted performances in the form of song, dance and recitation was the highlight of the programme. The sense of enthusiasm and vivacity associated with each of the performance was, indeed, a heartening sight. Special mention must be made for the staging of a very engaging Bengali drama "Bhogobaner Chop" to mark the significance of true education in a student's life. The projection of a spectacularly well-planned short video featuring interviews and snaps of all the teachers, along with a commendable editing touch by our students, was another highlight of the programme. The programme got its befitting conclusion with the inspiring and visionary speech of our respected Principal Sir. The fun game “Pass The Ball” attended by all the teachers brought smiles to each and everyone present there to provide a joyous ending of the programme. Indeed, it was a monumental attempt by our students to present such an astoundingly delightful programme to show their reverence to the teachers. Their enterprising effort ensuring the true essence of education getting nurtured for a better society successfully echoes Nelson Mandela's vision which marks education to be "the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.
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