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Visit to an Old Age Home

Date: 23.09.2023, Saturday Time: 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Venue: Maa Tara Old Age Home, Anandapuri Barrackpore. Participants: Class XI Organised By: STEM World School In today's society, we tend to largely ignore a big part of the population - the senior citizens. They are a treasure trove of useful information and advice. We also need to instill in the tender minds of our students, the gratitude for the elderly for their selfless care and love! With this in mind, the students of class XI eagerly gathered, bearing gifts and smiles ready to impart the joy of companionship and receive the priceless gift of well wishes and blessings as they travelled to Maa Tara Old Age Home. We are very proud of how caring our students were as they talked to them and made sure they were happy. They performed recitation, songs and dances for them trying to fill the hole in their lonely hearts. The residents blessed all the children with open arms and showed how heartwarming the love of grandparents can be, and that was the greatest gift.
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