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Book Fair

As famously quoted by George R.R. Martin, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one", the habit of reading can definitely be pushed through events like book fair. Indeed, the book fair is a relishingly special event that every book lover looks forward to, with absolute eagerness and voracious vivacity. It is an ignitingly golden opportunity for the readers to explore new books, meet the diverse thoughts of the authors, and immerse oneself deep into the unfathomable sea of literature. Surely, this very spirit echoed quite vibrantly in the book fair arranged by STEM World School. It was a 3-day tenure arranged at the Auditorium Hall of STEM World School from 11th October, 2023 to 13th October, 2023. The venue of the book fair, being quite a spacious hall room, with rows of tables and shelves lined up neatly, served as a mouth-watering platter for every book lover. Of course, the air was filled with that strikingly alluring scent of freshly printed books. The atmosphere was buzzing with unmountable excitement as ardent book lovers of all ages roamed around, browsing through the books. The variety of books available at the fair -- ranging from classic literature to the latest bestsellers -- was simply a treat to every bookworms. The fascination they had was simply heartening to observe, specially for a generation which often gets labelled as gadget-driven.
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