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Dussehra Celebration Classes 6 - 11

A cultural programme was organised to mark the beginning of one of the most significant festivals of the world, Durga Puja, on Tuesday, 17th October, in the Hall – 1 of our School. It was an autumnal afternoon, when we celebrated the victory of “Good over Evil” by glorifying the feminine power of Goddess Durga over the demon, Mahishashura. The students of classes 6 to 11 presented a fascinatingly vivacious cultural programme to enlighten the audience about the Supreme Power of Goddess Durga. The programme began with a wonderful speech by the students about the significance of Dussehra. Various kinds of dances, songs and recitation were the highlight of the programme. It depicted all the nine forms of the Goddess along with a speech about the history of Durga Puja over the Centuries. The students also presented a wonderful Drama, 'Dorbesh' – a play that attempts to lift up all the people of the society who are responsible for our happiness during the festivals but cannot afford the same kind of joy for themselves. The cultural event was brought to a meaningful end by an inspiring speech from our respected Principal. Surely, it was an amazing initiative by the students, under the guidance of our resourceful teachers, to present such a delightful event. Their assiduous effort truly created a vibration about the importance of the Durga Puja in our hearts. In essence, it was a harmonious tribute to all the emotions, powers, compassion, skills of a Mother, Daughter, Creator, Preserver of the Universe that signify Maa Durga.
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