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Interhouse Quiz Competition for Classes 3 - 7

It is often said that a quiz competition is '"not just about knowledge; it’s about the thirst for knowledge”. This is what compels a man to know the unknown, and to explore into the space of terra incognita. Indeed, this very notion got reflected in the Inter-House Quiz Competition of classes 3 to 7 organized at the Auditorium-I of STEM World School on 3rd November, 2023. Participants from each of the House — Aryabhatta, Bhaba, Ramanujan and Vivekananda — showed impeccable enthusiasm and zeal to make the event noteworthy in front of a very energetic audience. The competitive vibes among the House members added more impetus to the atmosphere of the occasion. The event was divided into three rounds: Challengers, Riddles and Audio-Visual, and each of the round was keenly contested. The response to the "Riddles" round was strikingly engaging — both from the participants as well as from the audience, whereas the Audio-Visual round got everyone up on their feet. Surely, the participants had to deal with the burden of expectations from their respective Houses, and they fitted the bill quite impressively.
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