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Interhouse Chess Competition for Classes 8 - 11

Date: 03.11.23, Friday. Time: 12:20 a.m. to 13:40 p.m. Venue: Sports Room, STEM World School, Barrackpore. “Life is a game of Chess, and Chess is a game of brain” STEM World School understands that Chess in schools offers numerous benefits, promoting critical thinking, strategic planning, and problem-solving skills. It enhances concentration, patience, and sportsmanship while fostering intellectual development. Chess also encourages creativity and social interaction, making it a valuable educational tool for enhancing cognitive abilities and character development in students. With this in mind we organised the Inter House Chess Competition for classes 8-11 to give our dear students the stimulus needed to exercise and build their minds and thought processes. The students were eager and provided an exhilarating event with Bhabha house coming in 1st place, ousting their rivals and proving their skills and talent. We are very proud of all our participants and their enthusiasm to show the fruits of their practice. We look forward to such energy and excitement for all our future events.
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