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Prize Distribution of 'Namami Gange' Programme

STEM World School believes in training school students towards bettering the ecosystem and improving its ecological health. “Namami Gange” is a government initiative in India aimed at cleaning and rejuvenating the Ganges River, Knowing this we were very eager to participate in the program and instill in them ecological education as it is essential for fostering a sense of environmental responsibility and stewardship. It helps them understand the interconnectedness of nature and human life, promoting a more sustainable future. We are overjoyed by the results of this program and the impact it had on our students. We are very proud of our students Soubhagya Ranjan Baiswal 6C, Tuhina Nag 7B and Siddhanta Goswami 6C for their achievements and are grateful for the opportunity given by “Namami Gange”. The prizes were given to the students by the headmistress, Mrs Debashree Dhar.
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