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Children's Day Celebration

Indian National Children’s Day, celebrated on November 14th, honours India’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru’s affection for children. Vibrant events filled our school—fun activities, magical performances, cultural movies and amazing talent shows. It’s a day to cherish the youth, encouraging education, creativity, and empowerment, symbolizing a brighter future for India’s budding talents. The students made and exchanged amongst them greetings cards filled with wonderful colours and vibrant images made by themselves. Following this, the school organised a wonderful magical show inviting the famous magician Mr. Tarun Kumar, whose magic show captivated the children, stimulating imagination and wonder. The senior students were exposed to the cultural wonder that is the work of Satyajit Ray via one of his most famous films Sonar Kella-The Golden Fortress. Children’s Day in STEM World School was sparkled with joyous activities—colourful decorations, and spirited performances. Laughter echoed in art, talent shows, and special events, honouring the youthful spirit. Teachers shared warm greetings, affirming each child’s uniqueness, fostering an atmosphere of delight and learning. It was a day filled with cherished memories and smiles.
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