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Special Assembly on Army Day

STEM World School school stands together today to celebrate and honour the Indian National Army on National Army Day 2024. In a special assembly conducted today the students were impressed upon the importance and role that the Indian Army has played in achieving the prosperity that we enjoy today. Indian Army Day commemorates the valiant soldiers and their steadfast dedication on January 15th annually. Celebrating its establishment in 1949, this day honours the bravery, sacrifices, and resilience of India's armed forces. Marking Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa's appointment as the first Indian Commander-in-Chief, the day evokes national pride and gratitude. It symbolizes the army's indomitable spirit in safeguarding the nation's sovereignty and integrity. Commemorative parades, displays of military might, and tributes to fallen heroes highlight this occasion. Indian Army Day serves as a poignant reminder of the unwavering commitment and sacrifices of the soldiers in protecting the country's honour and citizens. Stem World School promises to stand behind our army as they have always stood before us as an unmovable shield and supported us and kept a safe from all threads and brought us a bright future.
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