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Character Presentation

Character Presentation simply means to represent a character, that is, a person. It is a very interesting activity. This activity also describes that particular character in a different way. It is a kind of analysis of a specific character portrayal. Usually, children observe this activity by getting dressed up as a particular character and narrating his / her life events. This actually enriches general knowledge as children must learn about the character in order to depict it nicely. It also gathers courage and self confidence among children. Hence, it is a very useful way to engage children in a funful way to learn, to narrate, and to act, that builds up the basic traits of communication in public. In this regard, the activity of CHARACTER PRESENTATION is very important. Our little champs of Pre-Primary of STEM World School are here to celebrate CHARACTER PRESENTATION in their own enthusiastic way. Let's encourage them and enjoy the glimpses.
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