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Chef Week

The person who makes delicious food for us is called CHEF. It is a well-known saying that 'Chefs do not make mistakes, they create new dishes'. Yes, it is true indeed. Chefs are those genius people who can transform an ordinary dish to an excellent one and serve those delicious menu to us to savour and enjoy. From the ancient era, various experiments are done with various food items and great recipes are served to us by those talented chefs. It is indeed a wonderful technique that not only satisfies our hunger, but also makes our hearts satiate with happiness. And chefs are the masters in this art. That is why they deserve 'Thank you' from us. In this regard, the little achievers of Pre-Primary students of STEM World School want to dedicate their thankfulness to all the chefs through their creative works. Let's appreciate them and enjoy the shots.
Fee Mcb
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