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Rath Yatra Celebration (2024)

Rath Yatra, also known as the Chariot festival, is a major Hindu festival associated with Lord Jagannath, where three chariots are pulled by the devotees. These three chariots carry three deities - Lord Jagannath, Lord Balaram and Goddess Subhadra. Rath Yatra is dedicated mainly to Lord Jagannath who is also known as Lord Krishna. This festival is celebrated around the world, but the most famous and largest celebration takes place in Puri, India. The procession of the deities in specially designed chariots, called 'Rath', is a spectacle that attracts thousands of devotees every year to Jagannath temple in Puri. It is believed that participating in Rath Yatra and pulling the chariots cleanses all sin and grants blessings. According to Hindu mythology, the chariots carry their deities to Gundicha Devi's temple, which is also known as 'Mousi ma' temple. It is a very joyous festival that enlightens the hearts of children with happiness. On this special occasion, children like to pull their own small, nicely decorated, chariots throning the three deities on it. With the continuation of this festive vibe, it's a very mirthful and overwhelming sight to see the little devotees of Pre-Primary of STEM World School so enthusiastically celebrating Rath Yatra. Come, and let's peep at their happiness across the screen.
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