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Monsoon Week Celebration (2024)

"Embrace the rhythm of the rain and let it wash away your troubles" . 'Monsoon', this magnificent season of the year, is a gift from God to humanity. It revitalises our spirits and infuses the environment with the beauty of freshness and greenery. Monsoons are always enjoyable and a pleasant respite from the searing heat. It's a great time of year, with beautiful rain and cold weather. It offers enjoyment to both children and adults. The children adore every drizzle with their whole hearts, as if they were dancing in the rain. The children begin rhythming with the weather with great happiness, excitement, and enthusiasm. Rainfall triggers the blossoming of trees and plants; it's a month of rebirth for the flora. For farmers who depend on rainwater, rain is a boon. In this light, let us appreciate the little beauties of Pre-Primary STEM WORLD SCHOOL celebrates MONSOON WEEK and enjoy the peeks.
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